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Design Review Request
Need to Request A Design Review?

Before the commencement of construction of any structures or other improvements on any Lot or any portion of the land included in the Property, all plans and specifications pertaining to the building, site design and the construction of any such improvements, including subsequent additions, alterations or site improvements, shall be subject to review and prior written approval by the Design Review Committee.  All decisions of the Design Review Committee shall be final and not subject to review by court, unless clear and convincing evidence shows that the Design Review Committee willfully and arbitrarily violated this Declaration in rendering any such decision.  Construction shall be performed only in accordance with the plans and specifications actually approved by the Design Review Committee.

Your proposal can be submitted via email. All design proposals will be reviewed within two (2) weeks and you will either receive approval or rejection of your proposal with an explanation of why it was not approved as submitted.  If further information is requested, some additional time may be required.

Thank You.

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